Cold Zipper 2013 Welcoming! 

Welcome back to Cold Zipper!  The 2013 season is set to kick off and be just as much fun and competitive as ever.  With that in mind, we want to extend a warm welcome to three new individuals to the Cold Zipper family.  Jeff Larson joins the league from Stockholm, Sweden.  Also joining the league for the first time is manager, Frank Johnson.  I, Evan Johnson, will be joined by a second writer for Cold Zipper in 2013, Jerry Tuckerman.  Jerry will be working under me in a role that will include monthly recaps and assisting me with keeping Cold Zipper's articles current.

This will be the ninth season Cold Zipper has been running.  Each year the league has evolved and 2013 promises to be no different.  Will a rookie team emerge as a new giant?  Will a career goat team find it's way?  Will a Cold Zipper hero fall? With the draft less than two months away, managers' preparation will determine the fate of their team in the league's ninth season.