Q & A With Red Krush

June 1, 2012

Over the course of one year, the Baltimore Orioles have gone from worst to first in their division.  Many fans are left asking, are they for real?  Or will their new found glory fall?  The same questions are being asked about Red Krush.  After sporting a very disappointing 107 points to lock in 20th place during their rookie year, Red Krush has come soaring back and has proven to be one of the best teams in the league’s 8th year.  I had the opportunity to catch up with Red Krush and ask him about his 2012 success.

EJ: You're living quite the Cinderella story as you have gone from worst to first.  Did you foresee a turnaround anywhere close to this?  

RK: I wanted to try to be out of the bottom third or so, I was hoping not to embarrass myself with another last place year, though I didn't quite expect this.  Last year I was feeling out the league, didn't know what it would take to compete with the deeper teams and stats.  I'm honestly surprised I've held first place this long (but as I am responding this, StatTracker has be falling to 2nd).

EJ: You're team is obviously an offensively dominate force.  What do you attribute your success to thus far?  Has approach changed from last year to this year?  

RK: I prepped a lot more, at least 3 times the amount time I put in my rookie year.  That was a factor, but also some draft pick trades that worked out and a little luck with my players doing very well to start the year.  

EJ: Right now you are ranked just above Postmodern Pelagians and Flying Buttresses.  Who in Cold Zipper do you think poses the greatest threat to steal your lead?  

RK: I know FB puts a lot of time into this, as does everyone, but Steve is very active so I sense a threat there.  PP also has had a great year and is a veteran who knows what it takes.  I'm hoping to maintain a good standing through the season.

EJ: You wound up with the first overall pick this year.  Were you hoping for that?  Do you feel like that has helped you?  

RK: I wasn't hoping for it, because of the dreaded 38 picks before the next player.  I was surprised and a little excited to see what could be done. I picked Kemp who was looking like an MVP, but now he's hurt, I think that also accounts for my recent descent.  

EJ: Is there a meaning behind the name Red Krush?  

RK: It was our work summer Kickball name years ago, not after anything in particular, just carried it over.  

EJ: Can you describe what went wrong for you last year that led to your rookie year 20th place finish?  

RK: Probably mostly not knowing the league dynamics with other managers or the deep league and stats.  I hadn't prepared for the draft as much as this year.  

EJ: You've been active on the trade market this year, any reason for all the activity?  

RK: I'm being more deliberate about trades - looking carefully at all that come to me and trying to see where I can help others to create a fair trade.  I'm really trying improve my trading - I've had a rough track record of trades in other leagues.  Injuries are just chance but seem to hit me right after, once trading away Posey and Feliz once was my worst ever.  Also gave up Stanton last year.  So yeah, definitely trying to improve my trading abilities.  

EJ: Do you know anyone in Cold Zipper personally?  

RK: Mr. Steve Friebe [Flying Buttresses] recommended me to Tim [Peehands] when there was an opening.  Those two along with Steven Lindblom [Here’s a Free Lesson], Tony Basch [I Am the Walrus] and I think Peter [Garlicion] all worked for my department at Bethel University.  There was a lot of baseball talk on the job and still is today.  

EJ: What was your fantasy baseball experience prior to Cold Zipper?  

RK: I started a league at Bethel in 2006 I think with Tony and co-commish it with Friebe, which is now a thriving keeper/dynasty league.  Also joined a keeper Auction league which has a different feel and has been fun as well.  Other public leagues to get as much Baseball as possible.  

EJ: You drafted the highly touted Jason Kipnis for your 6th pick.  At the time of the draft, would you have taken Jemile Weeks over Kipnis had he not been drafted already?  

RK: I'm not sure why, but I didn't like the idea of Weeks.  I considered him in my prep, but was very happy Kipnis fell to me. 

EJ: Who do you consider as your Cold Zipper nemesis?  

RK: Hmmm.  Only being here for just over a year I really haven't made too many enemies.  Last year being in the cellar the whole time I didn't have much competition, this year Postmodern has been vying for the top spot, along with others, so I'm hoping to beat him right now.  I also have a healthy competition with Buttresses.  

EJ: Where do you see yourself finishing at the end of the year in Cold Zipper?

RK: After this start, I really want to be top 5, I'll be disappointed with a lower half spot.  

EJ: Is there anything else you want to say to the teams of Cold Zipper? 
RK: Thanks for not kicking out the 20th place rookie last year!  It's a wild ride each year, thanks for bringing me on board.