Question & Answer with Garlicion

October 2, 2011

As 2011 has come to a close, a new champion has emerged.  In Cold Zipper’s 7th year, the 7th new champion has been crowned.  Peter Rimmereid of Garlicion is sitting pretty right now as king.  Garlicion has been known as a top contender in the league for years, but has never been as close as he was in September of 2011.  In the final weeks, Peehands folded, Dumpster Donkeys couldn’t hold it together,  and Garlicion had pushed hard in the final days to become champion.  I had the opportunity to have a question and answer session with Garlicion.  

1) Peter, you came into 2011 as sort of the "bridesmaid, never the bride" of Cold Zipper.  Coming so close, but never capturing what you really desire. You finally stepped up and proved yourself to be a champion. Congratulations. How do you feel and what does this championship mean to you?
It feels great to finally win it all.  In the last three years I’ve finished in third once and fourth twice.  It just gets old being a bridesmaid.  I’m looking forward to defending my title.

2) Congratulations also on winning the 2011 Silver Slugger award. You led the league in offensive points with 124.5 offensive points. Was it your game plan going into the season to build a specifically strong offense? Or were you just looking for a balance and worked out this way?
I always try to build an equally good offense and defense.  However, in the draft I do usually focus on offense first.  Eight of my first ten draft picks were offensive players.  I just think it’s easier to find good pitchers still late in the draft and on waivers.

3) Your preseason plans were different than any team's before you. You were basically in uncharted Cold Zipper territory as you traded away your first three rounds worth of draft picks to have a heavier middle round draft.  Do you attribute this strategy to being the key to your success? Do you think it held you back? How confident were you at the time this strategy would work?
I do think my draft strategy was a big part of my success.  However, Flying Buttresses had the opposite strategy and he still finished in fourth.  I was pretty confident it would work but I was a little nervous about it.  I’ve noticed over the years that much of the draft is a crapshoot.  Many players do far worse or far better than expected.  Every year there are your Adam Dunns and your Curtis Grandersons.  By having a lot of middle round picks, I was hoping for less risk and more potential.  However, now that this has been done, I’m not sure how next year will work out.

4) What draft picks do you feel like were your best? What were your worst?
My best pick of course was Jacoby Ellsbury at 85, and my worst was Chone Figgins at 125.  However, I would consider most of my picks a success.  Seventeen of my 21 picks were still solidly on someone’s team at the end of the year. 

5) How did you feel about your trades this year? Any that you regret? Any that you'd like to brag about?
I regret dealing Kuroda and Garza for Tommy Hanson.  Hanson got hurt a few weeks after I got him, and Kuroda and Garza did a little better after I traded them away.  I’m actually amazed that I still won after this trade.  Also, I don’t think I would have won without my last two trades which gave me a boost in triples, steals, and walks.

6) Is there any one team that you feel like you always MUST beat that you consider to be your Cold Zipper Nemesis? Why?
Milquetoast used to be my nemesis because in both 08’ and 09’ he finished one spot ahead of me.  On both of those last days he passed me with a CG.  But since Milquetoast is gone I make it a goal to never let a rookie beat me.  That didn’t happen last year.  I also enjoy beating historically good managers.

7) What team do you feel will be your biggest competition in 2012? Why?
Flying Buttresses seems like he might be good every year as he finished 1st and 4th his first two seasons.  

8) Was there any point in the season, even down to the last day where you thought you had the league won? Or was it a question mark up to the end?
The only time I was pretty confident was at the end of the second to last day when I gained 7.5 points.

9) Before the 2011 draft or even the pre-draft trading, how did you think you would do in 2011? Did you suspect that this could be your year or did you expect to fall in line with your average rank?
I was hoping to win it all, but in no way did I suspect to win.  This league has gotten so competitive that nothing is guaranteed.  Even getting a top five finish is quite an accomplishment.  

10) Is your spouse happy that you won the league? Or is she just happy that its over?
She is probably feeling a little of both.  She was excited for me for about 10 seconds, but also glad I can show her a little more attention. 

11) How much time did you spend weekly on fantasy baseball?
I spent less time this year than in the past.  Because of my draft strategy, I just had fewer players to add and drop throughout the year.  However, often during the evening I would follow my stats while my wife and I relaxed on the couch.  I probably spent anywhere from 7-15 hours a week following it.  However, I probably only needed to look at it about 15-30 minutes a day.  

12) Is there any meaning behind the team name, Garlicion?
The story of the name is a little strange.  In 2007 I was invited to join this league. At the time, I really didn’t like baseball or follow baseball that much.  I just liked fantasy sports so I thought I would try it.  At the time, I didn’t know the difference between a SP and a RP.  I didn’t know what CG, save, hold, ERA, or WHIP meant.  So, I didn’t care too much about the league or my team name.  I didn’t really think I would be in the league for so many years either.  I was at my desk at Bethel trying to think of a name.  I looked up at the book shelf on my desk and saw a bottle of garlic pills my grandmother had given me to take care of some cold or something (strange, I know).  So, I decided on Garlic Lickers.  Two years later I didn’t really like the name so I transformed it into Garlicion.

13) Do you have any advice for teams in Cold Zipper who want to better themselves?
-Every player and stat counts.  All 21 players are your team need to contribute.
-Balance is key.  It’s better to be a little above average in all categorizes than great in a few and horrible in others.  If you have more than enough of one stat, you need to trade.
-Never trade with Walapin’ Walabees.  It probably won’t work out for you.

14) Is there anything else you'd like to say to the teams in Cold Zipper?
For everyone who is discouraged with their season this year, this video is for you (See below). Thanks for a great season.  I look forward to beating you all again next year.

Garlicion’s Numbers by year
Year - Rank – Points
2007 – 14 – 163.5
2008 - 3 - 253
2009 – 4 - 258
2010 – 4 – 224.5

2011 – 1 – 253.5