Commissioner’s Decision/Trade Review
If at any time a transaction takes place which is controversial, the commissioner reserves the right to alter league rosters if necessary.  This will be done only if one of the following takes place:
A manager makes a move because he has given up, or no longer cares about the integrity of his team.
A manager trades or drops a player with the purpose of receiving external benefits or monetary gain on behalf of the transaction.
A manager trades or drops a player and loses what is determined to be more than that of a first round pick value at the time of the transaction.  This value can be determined at the discretion of the league commissioner.  This is done to prevent the league from becoming unbalanced even if the intentions of the manager were to improve his own team. 
Accidental Transactions
If a manager accepts a trade or drops a player on accident, that manager is held liable.  The commissioner will not freeze transactions and return the original player to the original roster.  
Injuries and Trades
If a manager offers player A for player B on a separate team, it is the responsibility of the offering team to make sure that player B does not become injured while the offer is on the table.  If player B does become injured, and the trade is accepted, the rosters will reflect the trade.  No commissioner alterations will be made in cases of injury when trades are offered.  You must be aware of the status of all involving players at all times.
Pre-Draft Pick Trading:
You may trade any draft picks with another manager as long as each manager ends the transaction with 21 picks total.
  • For example, Manager A could trade overall picks 50 & 70 (3rd & 4th round) for Manager B's 29 & 91 (2nd & 5th round).
  • But Manager A could not trade picks 50 & 70 (3rd & 4th round) for Manager B's 11 pick (1st round) alone because Manager A would result with one less pick, totaling 20 instead of 21. 
  • The same number of draft picks must be traded with each other (Ex: No 3 or 2 deals; only 2 for 2, 3 for 3, etc.)

Once both parties agree, both managers must email the commissioner confirming their trade intent and the commissioner will make the changes. Yahoo currently does not have their own system to perform draft pick trading, therefore; the commissioner must manually adjust the draft pick order in a necessary fashion. All adjusted draft pick trades are in effect for the season live draft. The picks you traded for are now your own and are accurately reflected in the live draft lobby.

Draft trades will be posted on Yahoo by the commissioner once made official.

Managers can find their overall draft number pick for each round at Yahoo under Draft Central--Draft Result--Team and check here for the up to date draft order leading up to the live draft.