Cold Zipper Fantasy Baseball League uses a rotisserie scoring style to determine the daily rankings of all Cold Zipper teams. The rotisserie scoring style works by ranking the teams from first to last in each of the statistical categories. Points are then awarded according to order of finish in each category, and are totaled to determine an overall score and place. If a manager is first in a statistical category, then they would receive 20 points, as there are 20 teams in the Cold Zipper league. Second place would then be credited 19 points for that statistical category. Remember that even if 1st place for RBIs had 800 RBIs and second place had 400 RBIs, the difference between the teams for the RBI category is still only 1 point. Holding last would result in receiving one point for that category. The cumulative of all points from all stat categories is your total score that determines where you fall in the standings.
As of the 2010 season and Yahoo’s doing away of the Plus Leagues, there are no longer tiebreaker rules for teams that finish with the same total points in a rotisserie league. Because of this, teams with the same score will share the rank in the overall standings of a season, even if they finish in first place.