Draft Procedures:
The Cold Zipper League is a league that begins each spring with a full MLB, serpentine draft without any keepers from the previous year. In a serpentine draft, the order of the first round is reversed for the second round, and each proceeding round continues this pattern.
In 2010, the league voted for a procedure for determining the draft order in advance (at least greater than or equal to two weeks) to allow for trading of draft picks and other strategic angles. The draft lottery is performed over video chat which is routed to the Cold Zipper website, and all managers are able to view the lottery live. Draft order is determined by random picking of managers one by one out of a hat or by other creative means.
The league commishioner will set the date of the draft after finding a date that is suitable for the majority of the managers (the goal is to have 100% attendance if possible). Generally managers have shown preference to holding the draft during the weeks during mid-March.