Cold Zipper Champion: Walapin' Walabees, 266.5 pts

Silver Slugger: Walapin' Walabees, 133 pts

Cy Young: Walapin' Walabees, 116.5 pts

Mariano Rivera: Prestige Worldwide, 33 pts

Rookie of the Year: (N/A)


Cold Zipper Champion: Garlicion, 253.5 pts

Silver Slugger: Garlicion, 124.5 pts

Cy Young: Flying Buttresses, 110 pts

Mariano Rivera: Dumpster Donkeys, 33 pts

Rookie of the Year: Dumpster Donkeys, 244.5 pts


Cold Zipper Champion: Flying Buttresses, 231 pts

Silver Slugger: Postmodern Pelagians, 127 pts

Cy Young: Brew Crew, 113 pts

Mariano Rivera: Peehands, 33 pts

Rookie of the Year: Flying Buttresses, 231 pts


Cold Zipper ChampionTwinkie Treats, 276.5 pts

Silver Slugger: Twinkie Treats, 122 pts

Cy Young: Twinkie Treats, 128.5 pts

Mariano Rivera: Brew Crew, 36 pts

Rookie of the Year: Brew Crew, 192.5


Cold Zipper ChampionWalapin' Walabees, 269 pts

Silver Slugger: Walapin' Walabees, 127 pts

Cy Young: Postmodern Pelagians, 126.5 pts

Mariano Rivera: Walapin' Walabees, 36.5 pts

Rookie of the Year: Milquetoast, 255.5 


Cold Zipper Champion: Postmodern Pelagians, 280.5 pts

Silver Slugger: BurroMegaGigantica, 138 pts

Cy Young: Postmodern Pelagians, 138 pts

Mariano Rivera: Milky Butt Pimples, 35 pts

Rookie of the Year: Strike Four, 230.5 


Cold Zipper Champion: Peehands, 269.5 pts

Silver Slugger: Walapin' Walabees, 136.5 pts

Cy Young: Peehands, 140 pts

Mariano Rivera: N/A before 2007

Rookie of the Year: BurroMegaGigantica, 253.5 


Cold Zipper Champion: Milky Butt Pimples, 280.5 pts

Silver Slugger: Pirates, 141.5 pts

Cy Young: Legends, 130.5 pts

Mariano Rivera: N/A before 2007

Rookie of the Year: N/A in first year of Cold Zipper