Cold Zipper is a fantasy baseball league with 20 teams playing in the rotisserie format.  The league will begin it's ninth year in 2013.  Cold Zipper boasts a higher attention rate than typical fantasy leagues and has maintained a low turnover rate year to year.  For more information on league rules, click here.


-A 20 team league was formed by then commissioner, Mark Grothendick.  The league consisted of  8 people connected to the manager and 12 public joiners.

-The first league championship was won by the team, “Milky Butt Pimples”.  It was later determined that the manager of that team had illegally provided external incentive with another  team to complete a lopsided trade.  That event was known in Cold Zipper history as the  infamous “Sandwich Trade”.


-Cold Zipper continued in its second year with the addition of present day teams, BurroMegaGigantica, Postmodern Pelagians, Bruisers, and OkamaMaggies.

-The second league championship was won by second year team, Peehands.

-David DeJesus was drafted in the  19th round, with the 377th overall pick by Postmodern Pelagians.  A mutual love and desire was formed by all of Cold Zipper for DeJesus.

-By the end of the 2006 season, the league had began to establish a large balance of teams that were gaining the reputation of serious contenders in the league.


-The 2007 season opened with the vibe of being a very difficult league to compete in, as present day teams Twinkie Treats, I Am The Walrus, and Garlicion joined.

-Holds were introduced as a new statistical category to boost the value of relief pitchers in the league.

-Two teams, Postmodern Pelagians and BurroMegaGigantica, both battled to the very last day of the season.  On the final day, the Stattracker reported Burro had won the league.  Congratulations were given, until the next day, when Yahoo reveal that Postmodern Pelagians had in fact been the winner by half a point.  The league was stunned, as Stattracker had not accounted  one of Burro’s positions being used beyond the allotted limit on the last day of the season.


-Newcomer, but now retired, Milquetoast, entered the league and became the highest ranking rookie team ever, as he took second place in his first year.

-The first Cold Zipper external website was created to better track teams’ career statistics.

-Walapin’ Walabees was the only team to overtake Milquetoast in ‘08, as he won his first championship.


-Teams Brew Crew, Here’s A Free Lesson, and Dead Motherboards join Cold Zipper.

-Twinkie Treats won his first championship in Cold Zipper.


-Cold Zipper managers voted to have the shutouts category removed prior to the start of the season.

-The 2010 season opened with rookies, Flying Buttresses and Thunder Muscles

making an early impact.

-Flying Buttress stunned and infuriated league veterans as he made Cold Zipper history, becoming the first team to ever be crowned Cold Zipper champion in his rookie year.

-Long time Cold Zipper team and controversial 2005 champion, Milky Butt Pimples, called it quits as he announced his retirement after his six season’s end.


-Long time commissioner and league founder, Mark Grothendick, stepped down as commissioner and was replaced by Tim Grothendick prior to the start of 2011.

-Rookies Dumpster Donkeys, Twin Cities Cubbies, Prestige Worldwide, Killer Dawgs, and Red Krush joined after multiple retirements in the 2010-2011 offseason.

-Dumpster Donkeys made a push to become the second consecutive rookie champion, leading a large portion of the year, but loosing out to Garlicion in the final days of the season.

-The 2011-2012 offseason marked the first offseason that Cold Zipper has retained all 20 managers going into the next year.


-The league retained 100% of the previous season's teams, there were no rookie teams.

-2011's last place team, Red Krush, impressed critics early with a strong first place run early, but faded as the season progressed.

-In a heated race to become the first team to win the league championship for the second time, the Walapin' Walabees became victorious and became the first team to hold a Cold Zipper championship twice.

-Two teams, TwinCitiesCubbies and Prestige Worldwide, announced their retirement from Cold Zipper as the 2012 season came to an end.